No Brand But You. A message to carry.

A Messenger Bag with Interchangeable Flap

Choose your flap according to your outfit, your mood, according to the weather, or just like that. Pop it on the bag base and voilà! You have a completely new bag.

A bag that can literally carry the message

No brand but you messenger bags are not just a handy day-to-day depot for all of your personal belongings, but a device to articulate and express your daily mood. The felt base in a perfectly simple and functional shape can be covered with a wide range of handmade interchangeable flaps.

No brand but you bags are not for focused souls. But then, who is focused? Are they the chosen ones or the lost ones? No brand but you is for people who are alive, for people who react to what they see, experience, taste or reject.

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1. Take the flap you like and turn it.
(This flap is called Château Sammal Black.)
2. Attach it to the bag base, velcro hooks on loops.
3. Fold it over to the front
(If you chose Château Sammal Black your bag should look like this.)

Change is easy

Adjust the flap to your mood of the day within seconds. Just grab the cover flap and pull off the Velcro strip. Choose another flap and pop it up. All without ever touching the bag’s contents, thus saving you time to think of something better.

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Telling proportions

33 by 9 by 27 cm is just enough space to fit everything in, including your 13” computer or a tablet. Under the front flap you find two pockets for keeping your phone, keys, diary, pens or make-up shipshape at all times. Anything in A4 proportions will be kept in place with an interior elastic strap.
Organised from within, No brand but you bags will always provide crucial support when you are focused on bigger tasks – in the best-case scenario on changing the world (or just your message).

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No brand but you Hanger

Hang along

You also have the option to collect the cover flaps and store them on a No brand but you hanger. Our hangers don’t take up much space, they are always at hand and merge nicely into your closet.

If you choose flaps carefully your No brand but you hanger might become an interesting introspective story about everything going on inside your lovely head.

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